Shadow Yachts & Super Yachts

The Super Yacht
Build New or Buy Pre-Owned

(pictures exterior and interior)

The Shadow Yacht (Utility Boat)
From Oil Fields . . . converted to a "magically essential partner" for the Super Yacht.

Why is this a great investment at this time? The Oil Industry is not drilling, boats are avaliable at reasonable prices, key player exited this market recently, market is growing quickly now.

oil field gulf
OIl Drilling in Gulf with Oil Service Boat

oil boat1
Typical Oil Service Boat

oil boat2
Typical Oil Service Boat


The Magic . . . The Shadow Yacht

(Global pics - Lady Lola pics)

lady lola2
Lady Lola

lady lola4
Shadow Yacht with Super Yacht

lady lola5
Shadow Yacht with Super Yacht

lady lola6
Super Yacht being followed (shadowed) by a Shadow Yacht

Shadow Yacht with all (some) of its capabilities

The Future Custom Designs . . .

(Architects Drawings)

Shadow Yachts information . . .
Supply of Boats - Design - Build - Service - Manage - Maintain

Offshore Oil Vessels Available for Shadow Yacht Conversions - Fast to build, Strong, Rugged, and Reliable for Worldwide Service.

•Shadow Yachts have other affectionate names such as:

•Utility Boats

•Escort Boats

•Research Vessels

•Security Boats

•Sport Vehicle Vessel

•Sport Utility Superyacht

• Floating Offices & Factories

•Floating Disco Party Boats

• Global Charter Boats

Your choices are to build a brand new one, or convert one from an excellent existing oil utility boat.
Why would you want to convert an old boat? You might want to consider these reasons:

1.) Cost and Speed of Delivery.

2.) Flexibility

3.) Rugged proven vessels.

4.) Built to go around the world. Huge Fuel capacity.

5.) Customized to your specifications.

6.) Free up space on your larger Super Yacht.

7.) Protection from Pirates/Terrorists.

The Shadow vessels start as surplus offshore supply rigs, originally built to service offshore oil drilling platforms. These vessels, some retired and some waiting to be called back into service, are the basic hull & deck structure from which Shadow builds-out Super Yacht supply platforms. Each is custom built to the specifications and requirements of the buyer and any combination of support equipment can be added.

The boat is at least intriguing, as the owner uses it for most of his tenders as well as his submarine, helicopter landing pad and hangar, and even submarine.

The concept is to use the great volume and cargo capacity of older commercial vessels, refit them to current standards, and then be able to market them as yacht support vessels for far less than it would cost to build the same vessel brand new.

These are over 900 ton displacement ships of steel with commercial machinery that is very easy to access (lots of room), straightforward to repair (functional design concepts - not like yachts) and can cross the oceans of the world forever. There is so much room compared to a yacht that it is hard to imagine until you see it. And to purchase a completely refit and converted 170 foot vessel to 280 foot with a 6 month warranty for less than USD $10million is a great value.

We call the Shadows "ruggedly handsome", but to know them is to love them. I compare them to the SUVs and Hummer vehicles in the US. They are not sleek or elegant; but they are safe, seaworthy and get the job done. And, if you want we can design them to be sleek and elegant.

Many customers want to charter Shadow Yachts, but that is an entirely different business - to hire crews then have crews trained to operate the Shadow and then have the vessel outfitted in a way that everyone would like. A charter rate has been established at USD $125,000 per week and if the positive interest continues, we may start chartering next summer in the Med with at least one boat.

We believe it is better and safer for a yachtsmen to have a smaller yacht so he can get into St. Tropez and Portofino with beautiful clear decks and without jets skis, kayaks, and tenders everywhere - keeping his Shadow at anchor with the helicopter, submarine, racing boats, etc., etc on board. And if you empty the hangar, it is the best party room in the world. The Shadow can be a tow boat, a passage finder, and fuel barge and a grocery store.

It's funny, but the very first thing I thought of when I first saw the huge deck and hangar space on our Shadows was "Hey... what a place for a block party!" Set up some lights, a ton of sound, and you've got a party you can take anywhere in the world. You could even hire bands if you were so inclined... although the neighbors in Port Hercule may not appreciated it.

The use that intrigued me the most, especially in light of the security threads growing around the world, was the idea of keeping the heavier, unsightly aspects security on the Shadow instead of the main yacht. This would also facilitate travel into the nicer places of the world, where you can leave the Shadow out of port and avoid hassles with the authorities, and then when traveling to less scrupulous areas, the Shadow would always be close by with as much firepower as the owner sees fit.

Shadow Boats are an efficient, reliable, and adaptable platform; the available options are only limited by the client's imagination. The signature large vehicle storage hangar, oversized helo-pad, and high capacity crane allow a measure of safety and convenience unparalleled in any traditional vessel.

We can help you expand your vision to include the design of hybrid vessels which combine the elegance, grace, and comfort of conventional yacht designs with the utility and flexibility intrinsic to your shadow boat concept.

Hulls can range in size from 150' to over 280' and larger. Starting with your spec design our naval architects customize the vessel's configuration to meet each client's specific needs. Our uncompromising vision allows us to bring all of the comforts and luxuries of a conventional mega-yacht, as well as capabilities they will never have.

We are constantly striving to create new applications for our unique concept of what a mega-yacht should be. Our goal is to provide our clients with the ultimate yachting experience, without limitations.

Sport Class Vessel for Charter The Sport class is a luxurious sport-utility vessel that incorporates style and utility in its design. Capturing the elegance typically reserved for mega-yachts, the Sport class is redefining the expectations of a sport-utility vessel. Each one of the Sport's five decks has been carefully laid out to maximize deck efficiency while maintaining spacious floor plans.  Key features of the Sport interior include; six staterooms with balconies, a sky lounge offering panoramic views, a fully equipped workout facility, and a movie theater featuring the latest in automated audio and video technologies.  Exterior features include; a large swimming pool, a Helipad, a davit, and a high capacity crane.  With all of these features coming standard on every Sport class vessel, We can create/custom design one of the finest, most versatile, sport-utility vessels available on the market today.

A shadow yacht is a trailer yacht for your megayacht — a floating garage of a sort that tags along with your main yacht to carry your collection of helicopters, cars, motorcycles, jet skis and motorboats. That way, when you pull up to the docks of Monaco in your 350-foot main yacht, you can also pull into the local restaurants in your personalized drop head Rolls, without having to endure the indignity of a rented limo.

The boats can also pack fuel, water, spare parts and supplies, allowing more remote travel.

Newly constructed Shadow Yachts can be much more plush than the earlier versions. Replacing the garage-like décor is an interior complete with six staterooms, a pool, sky lounge, theater, game room and mini gym.

Aside from carrying toys, the 200-foot Shadow Yacht can also host a floating party, since it’s equipped to hold as many as 500 people. The hangar bay can easily be converted into a climate-controlled nightclub complete with DJ booth.

Shadow Yachts can sell for $35 million.

You can do things with a primary vessel and a shadow boat that you could never do with one large Super Yacht. It makes more sense economically to have two smaller vessels than one giant 500-foot vessel.” //






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