International Agency for Economic Development

Working with the United Nations since 1990; Helping Countries to obtain Sustainable Economic Development

IAED is an organization with lots of solutions looking for problems.
As contrasted with the UN and most NGOs: Which are organizations with lots of problems, looking for solutions.

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Your country can be like the USA too!

red arrow right 1 in 5 Children in the USA don't know
where their next meal is coming from, if any.

Richest country, Richest Billionaires, Most Food,
setting global example of how your Rich
can pocket it all for themselves also.

red arrow right How American Capitalist Rich uses the "Rule of Law"
to rip off the Coop Shareholders in America.

And, how and why the whole system supports it.

A Global Issue: America insists on "The Rule of Law"
for other countries at the UN.
Here is why, and how you too can benefit
by "The Rule of Law" in your county also.

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Amb Suriname
• H.E. Mr. Henry L. Mac-Donald,
Ambassador and Permanent Representative
of Suriname to the United Nations

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